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Best Hikes in Washington State – Not To Be Missed

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Best Hikes in Washington State
One of THE best hikes in Washington State that in my opinion should not be missed is Hamilton Mountain. It’s challenging without being too difficult, depending on your fitness level of course and increases elevation without being “risky”.

There are a lot of reasons why it’s a great hike, but one of the biggest reasons it gets such a high scoring among visitors is because the views of the Columbia River Gorge simply can’t be beat.

On a clear and beautiful day you can see for miles and catch the white peaks of Mount Hood and Mount Adams in the distance as well as Table Mountain and Bonneville Dam.

Depending on which way you decide to travel, along the hike you get a chance to see beautiful water features including Hardy Falls, Pool of the Winds and Rodney Falls.

Places to See in Washington State

Although this wasn’t my first trip up this mountain, it was the first going on a different part of the trail and an undiscovered diamond that most might miss.

If you are concerned the main parking area might be too full, or it is full and you don’t care to park on the road and hike on the road first, take the first turn on your left before the main parking area (if you are heading East on HWY 14). You’ll go up a dirt road a short ways and be taken to the parking area for the Equestrian trail.

This is also a great option if you would just prefer to skip the crowds as even on a busy day this part will be less traveled than the other.

Going this way was perfect. Not only did we miss the crowds, but the hike was just as beautiful and had we wanted to see the falls we could have looped around; perhaps another day.

Hiking Trails Washington State

And don’t worry about having a Washington State Discover Pass prior to arrival. Although you can get one in advance, it is extremely easy to pay $10.00 once you arrive.

For those coming to Washington State just for a visit, this hike is highly recommended. For those living in the area, it is probably one of the best hikes in Washington State that doesn’t require a lot of travel time to get to. Just an hour from the Vancouver/Portland area, you can be enjoying nature before lunch, hike a nice 5 miles and be back by dinner.

Although a lot of the sites that talk about Hamilton Mountain say it isn’t pet friendly or family friendly. I have to disagree. I saw many dogs on the trail as well as a group with children. Obviously, you’ll want to use your best judgement as far as what age is appropriate, I think if a child has the energy for the steep climb and is well-behaved and obeys rules than 9+ would be fine. As for dogs, you’ll want them to be leashed, but they would do fine too.

Hiking is such a well-rounded activity. It’s great for your body, mind and soul. One other thing I absolutely love about it is when you do run into people, the people are so pleasant, because let’s face it…we are all out there for one reason and that one reason usually makes us pretty happy!

Whether it be during a vacation or the day out is your escape/vacation, it doesn’t matter. Taking a rest near a beautiful creek to have lunch before heading up some steep hills to see one of the best views around makes you feel invigorated and alive.Best Hiking Trails in Washington State

So if you haven’t already visited this great place to hike, I highly recommend adding it to your todo list.

Have you hiked Hamilton Mountain? Please leave a comment below and tell us about your day on the mountain. Have any other recommendations, please leave them below too!

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8 comments to Best Hikes in Washington State – Not To Be Missed

  • Josh  says:

    Wow i would love to come visit washington sometime it looks so beautiful fomr the pictures

  • Ian  says:

    Thanks for this. I don’t live in Washington State, but if I ever visit, I will be sure to check out this hike. It sounds beautiful and lovely, and the pictures you have of it are gorgeous.

  • Tess  says:

    Thanks! You definitely should 🙂

  • Tess  says:

    You should!!

  • Fred Chong  says:

    Thanks for the info. It makes me want to visit beautiful Washington on my next holiday:)

  • Sonny Lethcoe  says:

    Nice post and photos!!! I’d love to go and visit that area, it’s absolutely beautiful.

  • Jim Murdoch  says:

    This looks like a very nice place with beautiful mountain views. Very informative for the visitor. I’d like to see more of the actual trail and its highlights. A pity I don’t live close.

  • Tess  says:

    Thanks Jim! I will be sure to take more pictures of the trails and waterfalls next time I go 🙂

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