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Customized Fat Loss Review

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Customized Fat Loss Review – Is This a Scam?

Customized Fat Loss Review

Name: Customized Fat Loss
Price: $47
Owners: Kyle Leon

Customized Fat Loss Overview

Customized Fat Loss is a weight loss program created by Kyle Leon. It is a combination of diet plans and exercise workouts customized for your specific body type. The program calculates the nutrition requirements for each individual and contains a database of 1400 foods that can help optimize your results so you can lose fat fast. The premise – only giving your body what it needs and nothing it doesn’t.

Everyone’s body is different and this program takes this concept and claims to create a diet and exercise program that works specifically for you. It will take your height, physique, body type, weight, age and current diet and exercise routine and make recommendations for you based on this information – providing you with a nutrition and exercise plan on a weekly frequency.

Sounds good, right? Read more to find out if it actually works and is worth your money.

Pros vs. Cons

– only costs $47
– comes with a money back guarantee

– the food database is worthless
– horrible customer service
– upsells galore and frequent sales e-mails from company trying to get you to buy more
– a dozen PDF’s that aren’t really worth the money
– not terribly customized at all

Customized Fat Loss For?

This program was designed for anyone wanting to lose fat, however there have been many customer complaints that it doesn’t deliver, that it is a low quality product offering very little information.


What support? You will likely be able to get a refund because it is a Clickbank product and they are very good about refunds, however if you actually want to contact someone at the company with questions and complaints, you’ll likely receive a response like this:

“We are sorry for how frustrating this maybe, it’s your right not to receive emails from us and if you aren’t finding value in our tips and tricks then simply scroll down to the VERY bottom of the email and click on the UNSUBSCRIBE link.”

Customized Fat Loss Price

The initial cost is $47, but there are TONS of upsells even right after you buy.

My Final Say:

I definitely would not recommend this product to you. There are far better methods and resources you can turn to in order to meet your needs. Including my own free advice for weight loss that I offer on this website. This product is nothing more than a collection of PDF’s claiming to have customized information for you. It does not deliver, there is no support and you’ll just be wasting your money.

Customized Fat Loss at a Glance…

Name: Customized Fat Loss
Owners: Kyle Leon
Price: $47


If you have any personal experience with this program please leave a comment a below. To find out my recommendations for fat loss read my reviews for the best diet to lose body fat and the best workout plan for fat loss.

Thanks for reading!


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