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Hard to Get Review

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My “Hard to Get” Review – The Timeless Art of Conquering His Heart

Hard to Get Review

Name: Hard to Get
Price: $32.97
Owners: Mimi Tanner
Ranking: Hard to Get Product Rank

Hard to Get Overview

Hard to Get is simply one of the best little secrets I’ve ever found. On the homepage it says “Over 12,000 women own this program. It truly is a woman’s “best kept secret”!” And I’d have to completely agree with that. But you know what the best thing is that I found about it? It not only works for romantic relationships, but truly any relationship…friendships included.

This program was put together by Mimi Tanner and has been online since 2006. Mimi Tanner, author of numerous relationship books has made this her life. She says she lives to:

“create well-written, interesting, amazing relationship guides that will not only work for you, but that will transform your entire life. That’s what makes me happy. I go to sleep every night thankful that I get to do this for a living, and fulfilled because my work has resulted in numerous real-life, happy marriages.”

Not without some controversy since some people think playing games is wrong, and I’d have to agree with that too, but Mimi is a firm believer that “Love is a game. Let the games begin!” And I’d have to agree with that a little as well.

The bottom line, Hard to Get is more about learning how to be true to yourself and teaching people how to treat you than it is about playing games.

Relationships are hard, especially when there is a lack of communication. It can be really difficult to know what to do. And it can be soul crushing, life consuming, painful.

This guide was so well put together and made so much sense, that for me…dealing with a rather difficult situation of my own (as well as other issues with close friendships and family members) it gave me the insight I needed to know what to do. It was very simple, well laid out and by the end of it, I can’t even tell you how much better I felt. And guess what? Her advice? Worked.

Pros vs. Cons

– Trusted source with insight, a lot of experience and a lot of happy customers
– Well organized, great information, easy to follow
– Sold by a trusted vendor (Clickbank with refund guarantee)
– Costs very little
– And most importantly – it works!

– None

Who is Hard to Get For?

How to Play Hard to Get

Hard to get is for anyone dealing with heartache or a difficult relationship issue. Although it is geared towards women, men can and have actually benefited from her advice as well.

If you need to understand how a man’s brain works, if you’re confused, hurt, feel like you’re pushing him away but you don’t know what to do. Hard to Get will help you.

Have you been “too easy to get?” Do you feel like being honest and open with your feelings is the best route, but it’s not really working for you, find out why.

If you want to know:
– How to play hard to get
– Does playing hard to get work?
– Is she playing hard to get or not interested?
– Should I play hard to get?

This program will answer all of those questions and then some.

Hard to Get Tools & Training

Once inside the Hard to Get program you have access to 6 modules and some bonuses (in the form of PDF downloads), these include:
– Human Nature 101: About Being Hard To Get
– The Pursuit of Love: How To Get Chased By Men
– Maintaining Your Mystery With Men
– The Serious Talk
– Beauty And The Frump
– How To Get Rid Of The Other Woman
– Bonus #1 – Best friend” advice from Emily McKay!
– Bonus #2 – Hypnosis For Dieters by Kent Sayre

What Is Hard to Get All About?

With Hard to Get you will learn:
– Exactly how to be hard to get (and why this is a good thing)
– How to work with human nature (rather than against it!)
– Why it is important to NOT act like he’s the one
– Why intensity matters
– Men’s biggest fear that drives them away (and how to avoid it!)
– Why the chase is so important (for both of you)
– Why you’ll never need to use ultimatums
– How to get him to pursue you, and have him think it’s his idea
– Why you should never, ever, ever initiate the “serious talk” with any man!


There is a phone number on the homepage (not sure who’s at the other end), and if you have any questions or concerns you can e-mail She also has a physical address on the Contact page of her homepage where you could probably send your own personal experience or questions. This is also a Clickbank product, so if for any reason you wanted a refund, they make it very easy to do.

Hard to Get Price

One-time fee of $32.97. There were no upsells, however she does link to other books she has written as reference, but not in a salesy way.

My Final Opinion:

Often times when I’m reviewing products or programs (especially if they come from Clickbank), and yes Clickbank does have a few products I actually like…but only a few, but most of the time my reviews are to warn you about something to stay away from. To not waste your money. But with Hard to Get, I absolutely recommend this product to anyone who is confused about a relationship, is feeling heartache (even if you have broken up – this could potentially help you get back together with them, if you do things the right way – instead of our tendency to sabotage things because of hurt feelings or loneliness).

I didn’t go looking for this program to review. I found this program because I needed it, I wanted to know how to play hard to get with a guy. And it helped me. It has given me more confidence, more understanding and helped me mend a few relationships that I didn’t know how to mend (and most importantly, the relationship issue that sent me in search of it – is headed in the right direction because I now KNOW what to do.)

And I’m not playing games. Playing hard to get isn’t easy, I’m a say what I mean kind of girl…so, NOT saying anything is hard work. But it is important. Not just for him, but for me. This program helped me better understand how to just BE.

Hard to Get at a Glance…

Learn How to Play Hard to Get With a Guy
Name: Hard to Get
Price: $32.97
Owners: Mimi Tanner
5 Stars


Please leave any comments or questions you have below, and if you end up getting this program – come back and let us know how it’s going?!


Owner –

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