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How to Earn Money in College – No Experience Required

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How to Earn Money in College Without Washing a Single Dish!

How to Earn Money in CollegeForget waiting tables, washing dishes or working in a place that not only zaps your time but your energy too…and usually for pennies. Times have changed drastically for college students who once had to work a “traditional” part-time job in order to make a few bucks while burning the candle at both ends to keep up with their studies.

Now, the savvy college student can use the computer they use for their studies to also make money on the side with no overhead and no boss! If you want to learn how to make extra money as a college student, pay close attention to what I’m about to tell you.

I personally find it amazing that people are still asking the question, “Can you make money from home?

The answer is: Yes! I’ve been working online for over 5 years now and make money every single day, usually passive income from work I did…ages ago! Or a week ago 😛

So if you can make money from home, then obviously it stands to reason that you can make money while you are in school, either away at college or even if you are still in high school.

Working online is actually one of the best ways for students to make extra money because it won’t interfere with your studies, you don’t have a boss breathing down your neck, there is no commute (so no gas money to pay for or time wasted traveling), and best of all…instead of trading time for money, the work you do can actually lead to passive income that continues to pay you even years from now.

If you’ve been looking for summer job ideas, then this might be absolutely perfect for you because you can get the foundation in place easily before school even starts and then continue to work even after you are feeling the pressure from school.

So How Do We Make Money Online?

Simple. You start a website that revolves around your interests and you consistently write posts for your website that include “affiliate links” which will lead to your commissions.

What Does Consistently Mean?

At least once a week, more if you like, but once a week is plenty.

How Does Affiliate Marketing Make Money?

There are several different ways to make money from a website:

– Google Adsense (no this is NOT Google Adwords where you spend money on ads…Google Adsense costs you nothing to use)
– Commissions from physical products (sold from Amazon, to use just one example)
– Commissions from digital products (including ebooks and music)
– YouTube
– Selling your own products

A lot of people think that you have to actually “sell” something online in order to make money, and some people hate the idea of SELLING so they run for the hills before they even give this kind of work a chance. But guess what?

You Don’t Have to Sell Anything!

I could actually show you how to create a hobby website that revolves around something you absolutely love (so writing short pieces of 500-1000 words each week is a cinch), and you can make money from it…consistently.

It takes just a little while to build a foundation and have a website with content, but not as much time as you think (within 2 months or less you could be getting traffic and earning some income) and then over the course of a year you’ll be shocked by what you have built and what it can make you.

If you want to get started, go sign-up at this free online university that can get you started right now. I’m a part of the community too and can be your personal mentor if you like so you have someone holding your hand as you begin.

You also get access to the owners of the university who are experts in this field, they are always available to answer any questions you have. They offer free hosting and free websites so it costs you absolutely nothing to start your own website and online business.

How cool is that?

If you have any questions you’d like to ask me first, please leave a comment below or send me a quick message here.

All you need is a computer…

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