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Get Off Your Butt and Do Something!

Get Off Your Butt and Do Something

How to Get Motivated:

Get Off Your Butt and Get Moving!

Okay, that was mostly geared toward myself, but maybe it applies to you too. In all probability it might. How do I know?

Because as humans we tend to get into these nasty cycles of being unproductive. True, there is usually a reason for it – sometimes entirely legitimate, but let’s face it…sometimes we are just either lazy or overwhelmed to the point that we get paralyzed and end up doing nothing.

If you are currently in that state, as I have been in the last couple of weeks due to some “issues” and the fact that it’s summer and my kids are monopolizing my time, I have a few tips that might help you get out of it.

The First Step:

Don’t blame yourself. Accept that it is natural to enter these states from time to time and they actually have a purpose that they serve.


Sometimes, we need it. Life can get pretty stressful at times and we often feel like we simply CAN’T stop because there is just too much to do. Like the entire world would fall off its axis if god forbid we took a break.

We all know that isn’t true.

You do know that right?

You are important, but you aren’t THAT important (as to affect the axis of the world.)

So, accept that you need a break and realize that the much needed “lazy” unproductive time will actually serve you better when you do finally get off your BUTT and start doing things again.

The only thing you want to be wary of is, sometimes it gets pretty darn comfortable on your butt and you really don’t want to get off it.

You can take this to mean two things, one) either it just isn’t time to get going yet or two) you have overstayed your welcome and its gone numb.

Which brings me to…

The Second Step:

Get Off Your Butt

Pretty obvious, yes? But not easy to do sometimes. It takes mental stimulation, it takes will power, strength and sometimes a drive you just aren’t feeling yet. But you have to FORCE it, sorry to say. But sometimes you truly just have to convince yourself to do it.

It’s time.

Don’t feel any guilt over the fact that you needed the rest. Thoroughly enjoy it and when it’s time (it’s pretty easy to tell when it’s time), get moving again.

Return to life and resume your routines. But this time around…mix it up a little!

Sometimes those moments of burnout happen and you end up on your bum because you didn’t take any time for yourself in the daily grind that is life. It is essential that you do. Otherwise you get bored. You get exhausted. And you simply can’t function at your best.

So after you’ve gotten off your darier this time, make sure you schedule some “YOU” time and do something that you enjoy during each and every day. Yes, I said everyday!

I’m a firm believer in making each day count.

I stopped calling it, “Live today as if it were your last”, frankly because that just seemed morbid and depressing.

Instead, I say make each and every day count because each day is an amazing gift. And one that should be cherished. You don’t have to have a scarcity mindset, or even an abundance attitude that you have all the time in the world.

You simply have to realize that each moment is something special and each day should include something that will make it an AMAZING one for you.

Yes, we all have to do things we don’t like or want to do. But we are still essentially in control of our own lives, destiny and we do have choices. So, choose YOURSELF more often and you will likely not find yourself on your butt unable or unwilling to get off of it.

I will say, my excuse this time was warranted, because I wanted to spend my time with my children while they are out of school. Selfish I know. But I figured a lot of my work could wait. So I allowed myself the time to spend with them and enjoy it.

Yes, I felt a little guilty that my work was waiting for me. But guess, my work doesn’t have a voice. It only does if I let it.

So how do you get off your butt when you are so “attached” to your current cushion? Take a deep breath. Think about and appreciate the break you just took for yourself and think about ONE thing that you should probably get to.

Just one thing. Don’t overwhelm yourself with the LONG list that probably awaits you, that’s only going to make you SIT longer, trust me. Just come up with ONE thing that you should focus on.

Take another deep breath and get up and do that ONE thing.

My guess, once you get up and your legs realize they CAN move, you’ll easily move onto the other tasks that await you.

Being “stuck” can lead to depression, too many thoughts (often negative) and usually force you to stay down.

My daughter (the 8 year old genius) put it perfectly the other day when I asked her: “Why do our minds always go to the “what ifs” in life? Why do we tend to always focus on the negative that will likely never happen?”

I was kind of just speaking out loud at the time. I didn’t expect such an insightful answer from her. And one I already knew, but couldn’t come up with on my own in that moment, don’t ask me why.

She said: “Because we have too much time on our hands.”

It’s true. We do.

Well, most of us. Even when we work and have a million tasks to do. We still have too much time to THINK. Our lifestyle of convenience has made it so.

If we lived elsewhere and our entire day was only focused on SURVIVAL, guess what? You wouldn’t be what if-ing really stupid things that you can’t control anyway.

You were likely feeling overwhelmed when you sat down. You sat down for a reason, it’s okay. Enjoy your rest, and get up when you’re ready.

Don’t take too long – the world awaits you!

I would love to hear your thoughts on this matter, or if you’re stuck and need some motivation. Please leave me a comment below.


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How to Stop Worrying About Everything – Live in Day Tight Compartments

How to Stop Worrying About Everything

How to Stop Worrying About Everthing

Compulsively worrying about every little thing can really take a toll on a person. I can tell you from experience. Worry nearly took me out! The solution? How to stop worrying about everything even when it seems you have no other choice?

Live In Day Tight Compartments

What does that mean? To live in day-tight compartments. It means to only be concerned with (concerned with not worried mind you, there is a difference) with the goings on from sunrise to sundown.

This doesn’t mean you don’t plan for the future, you can certainly take actions that day that will be FOR your future. But you don’t spend your day WORRYING about the future. And you certainly don’t spend your time worrying about the past.

The past should be for one thing (maybe two things) only. To learn from (and to reminisince – in a positive way). It doesn’t do anyone any good, especially not you to be mulling over WHAT happened, what SHOULD have happened, and letting what DID happen haunt you. In the famous words of Disney, cuz you know they invented it…Let It Go.

The idea of living in day-tight compartments was introduced to me by the book How to Stop Worrying and Start Living by Dale Carnegie. The premise was taken from Sir William Osler who had crossed the Atlantic on an ocean liner in which the Captain upon pressing a button could shut off parts of the ship from one another – shut off into “watertight compartments”.

By doing this with our own lives we are able to really focus our attention on what really matters and not concern ourselves with things that either have happened or have not yet happened (and in most cases, likely never will.)

I was thinking about this concept the other day and looked at it from yet another perspective. Instead of living in our supposed “cushy” lives that we’ve created with a home/mortgage to worry about, children to feed, bills to pay and whatnot. Why not think more like a homeless person who is only concerned about the day ahead of them?

Their concern is likely, (and yes, I am speculating – so I apologize if I have it ALL wrong), what am I going to eat today? Where will I get it? How will I afford it? Where will I sleep tonight?

They are not concerned with how they will afford something 40 years from now. They are simply focused on today and today only. If we all live that way our lives would likely be far more enjoyable and productive and in doing so the future we used to worry about would probably be well taken care of.

You can’t get anywhere by worrying yourself there. Be concerned, be productive and goal oriented…but don’t WORRY about it.

By living in day-tight compartments you will find that it is much easier to handle the things on your plate. Because within that day there is only so much you CAN do, NEED to do and WILL do. You only have to make it to sundown. You don’t need to worry about how to do the things that need to be done tomorrow, next week, next year or years from now.

What will happen?

You will feel lighter 🙂 You will find it easier to accomplish the things you need to accomplish and by accomplishing them you will go to bed that night feeling ACCOMPLISHED and happy and worry free.

But you have to LET IT GO. You have to be willing to set aside the things that are out of your control and only be concerned with the things that are. You have to be willing to go with the flow and realize not everything will go the way you wanted or expected sometimes.

You have to be willing to change your perspective.

If you have been a habitual worrier this might seem like it’ll be a hard habit to break. But if you simply DECIDE to break it, it will be broken. That is the power of our minds. Think it and more often than not, it will be so.

It might not be so immediately, perhaps it will never be so. But keeping a positive mindset will only result in positive outcomes.

Three really great resources on the subject of STOPPING THE WORRY are:

The Power of Now ReviewThe Power of Now

How to Stop Worrying About EverythingHow to Stop Worrying and Start Living

The Sedona MethodThe Sedona Method

What do you think? I’d love to hear your opinion on the matter so please leave me a comment below. If you would like to discuss this further with me, please contact me directly. And if there is something that you are worried about that you simply can’t seem to get past, I’d love to help in any way that I can.

Live in day-tight compartments and see just how smoothly your ship sails!!

Your Friend,


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