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Calm Relaxing Music For Stress Relief

Calm Relaxing Music For Stress Relief

Stress Relief Music

It’s a proven fact that music can heal you. It can take you from a sad mood to a happy one, from a stressed out mood to a calm and peaceful one, often in seconds. Because of this knowledge I put together a little post for you that highlights some calm relaxing music for stress relief that is guaranteed to melt away any tension, anger or stress you are feeling.

I won’t assume that I know what type of music you like to listen to, so you’ll have to trust me that the option below caters to just about everyone regardless of your normally chosen genre.

How do I know? Just ask any of her fans or read some of the comments below one of her YouTube videos. She draws in even heavy metal fans! I know this artist personally, but I’m not recommending her music to you because I’m “biased” 😉 and once you hear it you’ll know that’s true.

I think you’ll find that you can use this music for many things. From studying to sleeping to background music at a dinner party or even a massage. It’s perfect for meditation and just lying back and de-stressing from your day. I would absolutely love to hear feedback from you after you’ve had a chance to listen so please come back and leave me a comment below.

Before you go and listen to her songs though I want to give you some facts about what calm relaxing music can really do for you.

The Soothing Power of Music

Music has a very strange and unique connection to our emotions. You know this whenever a song comes on the radio that suddenly reminds you of a moment back in high school (unless you’re still in high school…if that’s the case, then never mind. Although…even so you probably have links to memories from a year ago or even a month that suddenly bring back what you were feeling then in waves.)

Because of this strange link, music has the ability to almost instantly relax our bodies and minds, and this is especially true of slow, quiet, calm music. This type of music slows your pulse and heart rate, can lower blood pressure and even decrease the level of your stress hormones.

Music can distract you, which isn’t just great if you NEED to be distracted from something, but it can also help you in meditation as it helps to prevent your mind from wandering.

Putting on a song might be the last thing you feel like doing when you are stressed, for some weird reason some people actually avoid it. However, if you could make it a point to do so when you start feeling overwhelmed and buried by life, you’ll likely find that feeling fades once the melodies start to flow.

A few ways to make sure you fit music into your routine: You can try playing it in your car during your commutes, having it wake you in the morning or aid you in falling asleep at night (hint: Kat’s music is perfect for helping you sleep!). Listen to music while you walk or perhaps turn on the radio instead of the T.V. sometimes.

Did you know that music has been used to treat illnesses?

Scientific studies have shown that the form and structure of music helps to bring order and security to disabled and distressed children. It helps them with their coordination and communication skills and overall improves their quality of life.

Music is also used in hospitals to help reduce stress and anxiety in patients after surgery. It also has been shown to help people who experience chronic and postoperative pain! How cool is that?

Listening to music also helps relieve depression and increase self-esteem in elderly people and has been shown to reduce emotional distress and improves the quality of life among adult cancer patients.

Meditation and Music

Music and Meditation go hand in hand, but not all music will work for meditation. Many use nature sounds to help calm their minds others find that slow, calming music works perfectly for them. It’s all about what will work for you! Find something that helps focus your mind and controls your breathing and you’ll come back from meditating feeling like a new person.

Have you ever heard of “The Mozart Effect”? Listening to music can actually improve learning and memory skills and helps you when you are feeling stressed. Experiments done at the University of California at Irvine discovered that students who listened to recordings of Mozart had higher test scores!

Introducing Katsember!

Calm Relaxing Music by KatsemberOkay, you can stop reading about the proven facts and taking my word for it now. It’s time you find out for yourself! No matter the reason for your stress, listening to these melodies can help you. Below is a video of some of Kat’s music, a small sampling you could say.

After you’ve listened, please share her music with everyone you know! Don’t be stingy with your new find, we ALL need help with stress in our lives, right?

And please leave her a comment on YouTube or her website. And if you can remember me after all that sharing, please come back and leave me a comment here and let me know what you thought. Deal?

Happy Listening!


– Source for music facts

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