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What Men Love In A Relationship

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What Men Love In a RelationshipYou’re going to call me crazy in a moment when I tell you what men love in a relationship. Why? Because you won’t believe me. It’s too simple and there’s just no possible way that it can be true. Or can it?

So what is it? What is it that men love in a relationship? What is it that they want?

The answer: The same thing you do.

Did you call me crazy yet?

So let’s go a little deeper into what that means. What is the same thing we want that they might possibly want too?

– To Feel Safe
– To Feel Loved
– To Feel Supported
– Freedom and Space to Be HIM
– To Feel Needed
– To Feel Desired and Appreciated
– Someone Fun, Happy and Easy to Be With

If you think that is a pretty simplified list, I want you to read through it again. Can you find any fault in what I said? Isn’t that what you want too? Yes, relationships can be complicated…because we make them complicated, because we don’t understand. Because we get confused. Because we communicate differently.

Yes, while it is true that we WANT the same things. The problem is that we go about getting it and needing it differently, and THAT can cause problems. It can cause so many problems in fact that we end up not getting what we want.

We end up getting our heart’s broken. Or we end up unhappy and with someone who we feel just ‘doesn’t get us’, and more often than not, someone who won’t even take the time to try and figure us out.

But you can’t blame it all on him. There are so many things YOU can do to ensure that your communications get through to him, that your needs and desires are met. That you feel loved and valued and…that he feels loved and valued too.

Love is a two-way street. Or at least it should be. But since men and women typically are polar opposites, even though we ultimately want the same thing, we simply miss the mark in being able to express it and ultimately get our needs met.

And if OUR needs aren’t met, we feel a lot less forgiving and likely to GIVE what we know THEY need and want. Sad, but true.

So how can you give a man what he wants and loves in a relationship? You have to LEARN what that is. And even though everyone is a little different. There is a common formula for how we are all built and I haven’t found a more perfect guide to teach that than what I learned from Carlos Cavallo.

If you are struggling with your relationship and you want to know what this formula is to understanding men, I can’t recommend anything more highly than the program Carlos Cavallo created.

The program is called Irresistible Desire and simply is the most well put together system of understanding men and what they want that I’ve ever seen. I was like you a few months ago. Confused. Not knowing what to do. Wanting to know how to make a man fall in love with me, although I was pretty sure he was interested…he was still confusing me.

I hadn’t had much luck with past relationships either and just WANTED TO UNDERSTAND what they were thinking so that I would know how to act. Everything I did or said seemed wrong, or at least in my mind and I second guessed everything.

After learning from Carlos, I am NO longer confused. I understand them, I know what they want, I know what I want and I know how to go about getting it. My confidence is higher, my confusion is gone. That’s a pretty cool thing after spending my entire life CONFUSED by men 😛

So if you want to know:

– how to make your man happy in a relationship
– how to get a man interested
– how to make man fall in love with you forever
– how to find relationship
– what men love in a relationship

I highly recommend learning from Carlos. You can check out his system for understanding men by clicking this link.

Please leave a comment below with any questions you have. And if you do check out his program, please come back and tell me what you thought!

Your Friend,


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