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What To Do When You Are Bored With Life

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Bored and Depressed With Life

Bored and Depressed With Life?

This topic kind of coincides with my last post about not living a life with purpose and why it often takes a tragedy to wake us up and start living, but being bored and depressed with life is a serious issue that can be easily remedied.

Easily remedied? Really, you say?

Actually yes, it can. It all boils down to WHY you are bored with life and that usually is because you simply aren’t interested in what you are doing. There is no excitement in your work or your relationships.

You might feel right now that you are tired, that you have no energy – even if you manage to get up everyday and go to work and are BUSY all day somehow doing things even though you are fatigued.

But your fatigue is likely stemming from your lack of interest in what you are doing rather than actually BEING physically tired. You can easily do an experiment to find out if you are actually tired or if you are just psychologically tired.

Make a list of things you love to do. At the end of your long work day, instead of coming home and crashing on the couch, go DO something that you love to do and find out if you have the energy for it.

My guess is that you will. If you don’t, it’s possible you actually have a medical condition that is making you feel drained and you should go to your doctor and find out. If you do, then chances are that you are simply bored with your daily activities, your job, your relationships…you have no spark and THAT is making you tired.

So, how to fix this?

What To Do When You Are Bored With Life…

There are two ways. One, find a new job that actually makes you happy. If you cannot, then the second way is to change your mental attitude and act “as if” you enjoy what you are doing. Depending on what you do, there might be a way to make a mental challenge (a game if you will) of what you are doing.

Give yourself a daily goal, try to increase your productivity. This will give you a sense of accomplishment at the end of the day. As Mary Poppins once said, “In every job that must be done, there is an element of fun. You find the fun, and – SNAP – the job’s a game!”

That is actually true. Don’t believe me? Can’t find a game out of what you are doing? Leave me a comment and I’ll see if I can help you with that.

Something miraculous will happen when you do this. You will start to feel less tired and have more energy. You’ll start to actually see things differently and life will open up to you.

If you can change professions, I highly encourage you to do so. Work never has to feel like work, not with all of the JOBS out there that need to be done. Everyone is good at something, and we are all good at different things.

When you can find your passion and make money from your passion you will no longer find yourself saying, “I am bored with life.” Usually, this comes from when you are helping people in some way. In helping them, you often end up helping yourself, because there is no satisfaction greater than feeling appreciated and that you have contributed to someone’s life in some way.

Want to test that theory? Go do something nice for someone. Someone you know, someone you don’t know, it doesn’t matter.

I am bored with lifeSmile at a stranger, compliment them, ask them a question that might get a conversation going. Get creative and I think you’ll be amazed by the results.

If you are bored with life you are drawn into yourself. You are not open to others and you are stuck in a routine that is leaving you and the rest of the world lacking in some way. But this can be changed simply by you making small adjustments in your life.

I realize that sometimes this can be really difficult, especially when you feel depressed. I suffered from depression myself so I understand completely what it feels like to NOT want to get out of bed. To NOT want to smile. To feel tired and exhausted and just want to sleep.

I get it. I’ve been there. So believe me when I say, I also have felt the reverse dynamic of this. The “as if” mentally actually works. You may scoff at it right now, you may be so bored and depressed with life that the idea of smiling “as if” you were happy or working “as if” you enjoyed it just doesn’t seem possible. That the effort is MORE than you can muster.

But TRY it. Just try it. For one day. Just one day.

You can do one day right?


Try it for ONE HOUR then if you want to be that difficult 😛 But just try it!

Find Your Passion!! Shake Things Up! Do Something Fun!!

There is an easy way out of feeling bored and depressed with life. Find something you LOVE. And do it. BE with the person you love. BE around the people who make you happy. Make new friends, find a new job that you enjoy. Help people. Brighten someone else’s day.

For just one day stop thinking about yourself and your woes and how much you HATE your daily routine. Make a list of the positive things in your life, your positive qualities, your passions – the “hobbies” you enjoy.

Chances are, your hobbies can actually be a job that you love. You can find a job that incorporates your particular skills and strengths and allows you to feel energized when you do it. It is possible.

I would love to hear your thoughts on this subject, please leave me a comment below. And if you need any help trying to figure out HOW to get out of the current state you are in, please just ask 🙂

Your Friend,


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